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Dr. Barbara has been married for 43 years to her high school sweetheart Dr. Bryan K. Cole. They are the proud parents of three adult children Terra (Dorian), Desralynn and Bryan Adam (Sarai). They have two grandsons, Branden and Bryson.

Dr. Barbara is an ordained minister, holding a Doctorate in Ministry with emphasis in nonprofit management. She also has a master’s degree in Family Counseling, and a BA in Christian Counseling. A graduate of Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, a certified Rule 114 qualified neutral mediator, Family Group Conferencing Facilitator certification and training in dealing with victims of sexual assault through the State of Minnesota. Parenting Healthy Families certification through the Healthy Families Initiative (with special emphasis on African American families) from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Cole has more than 25-years working with both primary and secondary victims of domestic violence. Dr. Cole’s experience extends over 30 years working with the under served populations and families in crisis, child protection services, court advocacy, life coaching, conference presenter and couples counseling. As a faith-based Family Counselor, life coach and trainer, I enjoy motivating people to “live life to the fullest”, to champion them on in achieving their goals through seemingly impossible & difficult challenges and situations. 

​Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; 

in the end they will look in triumph on their foes (NIV .Ps.112:8)


 ~ How God Morning Was Birthed ~

 I will lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. (Psalm 121:1-2 KJV). 

June 8, 2016, was a warm, summer morning in Houston, Texas when I had a heart attack. 

I will never forget that day; I remembered to call out to the Lord, who did not suffer my foot to be moved. I thank God that He kept me that day. He preserved me from all evil that warm, summer morning. 

On that day, I called, you answered me, you made me bold and increased my strength  (Psalm 138:3 NASB). 

Thank you God, You gave me strength to pickup the phone and call my husband for help. The previous day, my husband and I had just returned from a speaking engagement in 

New Orleans, Louisiana. I was home alone, and Bryan was away on his first day of summer school. I, had opted out of teaching that summer. We were both employed as substitute teachers at a school that supported students and their families in special education. I decided not to work summer school because for nearly six months I had been experiencing symptoms that mimicked pneumonia, only to discover I had contracted the H-pylori virus. This diagnosis also revealed a very serious heart condition, Left Ventricular Non-Compaction Cardiomyopathy, which led to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). 

After an extended stay in the hospital, it was my hope and my faith in the healing virtue of my Lord and Savior I survived. 

In that  moment, I knew and understood Hebrews 11:1 (KJV), 

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” 

Because of my faith and trust in Him, I am here to share my story and to encourage others to draw closer to Him in those dark and trying times. 

Around the fall of 2016, being new to social media, I decided I wanted to encourage others who may have gone through what I've experienced. Since social media could not exist without the powerful use of our words and communities coming together. 

When I posted on social media for the first time, my opening statement was supposed to be: Good Morning Everyone because He’s the one in control of it anyway. What I posted was God Morning instead, when I went to correct it, I felt the Holy Spirit say to me, “Don’t change it.” 

That first post on October 2016 received over 60 comments before the noon hour. That’s when I knew I was on to something.